Building healthy, lasting relationships…one wag at a time

You and your pet’s experience and wellbeing are our priorities. Through nutritious products, customer service, and our involvement in the communities, we strive to build a healthy, lasting relationship with your pet.

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Wagsburgh loves our furry friends as much as you

We are building healthy, lasting relationships through offering you products that will keep your pet healthy and happy for many healthy years to come. We also share our knowledge of being a pet parent so it creates a strong and loving bond between you and your furry family.

Products with a purpose

The brands we carry are designed to add nutrition to your pet's diet so they stay active and healthy for many years to come. Never compromising the quality of brands we carry, we offer a nice selection to meet everyone's budget.

Guests come first

Our #1 priorities are our guests and their pets. We share our experience and knowledge so you can make the best decision for the well-being of your pet.

Community conscious

As part of the community, it is important to us that we give back through holding pet adoptions, donations, education, family fun events, and through supporting other local businesses and organizations.

Meet Joe

Promoting positive community and economic growth in the Northside of Pittsburgh

Having grown up in the South Hills, Joe worked 20 years within the grocery retail industry from sales, store operations, marketing, and merchandising. Having left in 2005, Joe pursued a business opportunity, but after being sidelined due to an injury and 5 months of rehabilitation, Joe followed a passion of his and studied Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu. Enjoying the creativity as a Pastry Chef, Joe’s world was turned around when his dog Mocha tragically passed away. Losing interest in pastries, Joe decided to dive head first into giving back and working with homeless dogs who deserved feeling the love and compassion that Mocha had always experienced. Since 2012, Joe has volunteered with numerous shelters, rescues, and transport organizations to save and rehabilitate as many dogs as possible. In 2013, Joe adopted, Cayenne Pepper, a young pitbull from Animal Friends. Between the loss of Mocha, the feeling of saving a life through adopting Cayenne, and working closely with sheltered dogs, Joe felt there was something much bigger on the horizon…and more rewarding than making pastries. Recognizing a need for pet owners on the Northside, Joe looked into the opportunity to open a specialty pet food and supply store. Opening March 2017, Wagsburgh not only offers healthy and nutritious products for pets, but Joe tries to give back through donations, fundraising for local animal rescues and shelters, educating guests on pet ownership, and providing training tips so their pets stay safe while at home and in public.

A few fun facts about how Wagsburgh came to be

Image of Wagsburgh Wags building historic sign on the North Side of Pittsburgh

Why a pet store on the Northside of Pittsburgh?

After a local shelter had closed their small retail store, it left pet owners of the Northside to drive out of the neighborhood to buy their food, treats, and toys.

Where did the name Wagsburgh come from?

In the early planning stages, the original name was Tails n’ Whiskers. But while visiting the current location in the neighborhood of Deutschtown, the historic plaque on the building read WAAG Building built in 1872. At that moment, Tails n’ Whiskers was a thing of the past and the ideas for a new name started. First, the thoughts of WAAG being an acronym that represented animals faded. Then a couple of ideas were born, Wagstown and Wagsburgh. Since we are Pittsburgh, Wagsburgh felt right and shares both passions…animals and our city.

How did you determine the products to carry?

From day one, Wagsburgh was always going to carry healthy and nutritious foods and treats. The majority of the consumable products we carry will not be found in the big box stores. We feel that when your pet eats healthy, they’ll retain the nutrients to be more physically and mentally active.

What is the heart and soul of Wagsburgh?

Wagsburgh was developed with the philosophy of giving back. As a small, independent pet store, it is important for us to not lose focus on that simple approach. Either through our knowledge, actions, donations, or giving our time, Wagsburgh will do its best to always support this goal.

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