As you know, going back to school can be a nervous time for the kids. But did you know that our pets can be stressed too? We’ve put together a few things you can do to help ease their anxiety and help make the experience more enjoyable.

  1. Start rescheduling the feeding and play times with your pet gradually if they will be different now that the kids are back in school than they were over the summer. Establish play times with your dog and the children that work with their school schedule. Make a routine that your pet can depend on no matter what changes occur around them.
  2. Give your pet some alone time. Separate your kids from the pets at certain times of the day to get your dog used to being alone without his best friends. Make your departures low key and calm. It will cut down on his anxiety.
  3. Break out the crate if it’s been away. Some dogs become anxious at the changes and may need their safe space. Crating is a way to keep them safe, give them a sanctuary, and you know they aren’t destroying anything. A toy with some treats can help distract them from your absence and give them something to chew on.
  4. Doggie daycare can help pass the time and give your pet some new buddies. If your dog really seems beside himself and has a ton of energy to burn off, but the kids have homework and other after school activities, daycare for your dog can help. He’ll play, socialize, and will come home happy and calm.
  5. Spend quality time with your pet and the children. Encourage your kids to spend quiet time with the pet as well as play time. Watching a movie or reading with the dog can help establish a bond that isn’t based totally on play and help your dog relax.