This time of the year, many pets go missing. If your pet is unfortunately one of those, follow these tips to help them return home safely.

Help your pet return home safely with these Simple Rescue Tips…

  1. Basic flyers containing LOST – PICTURE – PHONE NUMBER (should answer 24/7) .
    • Post on poles, especially near intersections.
    • Rural neighborhoods should distribute the flyers in a larger area.
  2. Notify all Shelters, Animal Control, and Police. Report lost and found animals in local and adjoining areas/counties .
  3. Create a public post on Facebook, Pawboost Ad,, etc. Post a picture, number, and area.
    • Search FB for various lost pet groups (ex. lostdogspittsburgh) and share post from the original past.
    • Create ONE post to share. This keeps information up to date and sightings in order.
    • Owner/finder should update their post so information can be seen throughout shares.
  4. If pet is microchipped, contact chip company to report your pet is lost
  5. If you find an animal and cannot hold it, contact 911 and ask for Animal Control. Doing this will have it logged in their system.

Local Emergency Contacts:

City Animal Control: 412-255-2036 (7am-3pm) or 412-255-2935 (3pm-11pm)

Gaydos-Behanna Kennel: Phone: 412-720-9477

Hoffman Kennels: Phone: 724-468-5505

Monroeville Animal Control: Phone: 412-856-3355

Sable Kennels: Phone: 412-660-2350

Secreet Animal Control: Phone: 724-503-4417

South Hills Cooperative Animal Control: Phone: 412-279-6911

Animal Friends: 412-847-7077

Humane Animal Rescue: 412-345-7300