How and where did you first meet your pet?
  • Sadie (beagle/Lab mix) was found in the Pennysaver a couple months after I bought my house.
  • Hershey (black lab) was from a friend’s co-worker who had a litter of puppies.
  • Mia (black lab) was from my route. The guy who owned her would just take her outside on a leash to pee then back inside… a 6-month-old lab needs more than that. Dec 31, 2009, I saw him and he told me that he was taking the dog to a pound and getting rid of her… I said absolutely not, and I picked her up that night.
  • Blizzard (Husky) was from Lancaster through a web ad… I didn’t realize it was a puppy mill until I got there.
Was it love at first sight or something else?
  • Absolute love at first sight for all
How did you decide on your pet’s name?
  • Sadie got her name because I was thinking something different like Mercedes, but a friend suggested Sadie.
  • Hershey is my dark chocolate baby
  • Mia came with her name
  • Blizzard earned her name because when I went to pick her up, the 3-3.5 hour trip turned into an 8 hour trip through a blizzard.. so it seemed fitting.
What’s your relationship like with your pet?
  • They are my babies!

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Are you more of a friend or parent, or both?
  • Mostly friend, but the parent has to come out too…. and they know something is up when the parent comes out.
What nickname(s) do you have for your pet?
  • Sade
  • Hersh, Hershey Pie
  • Mia-Mia
  • Wolfie, Train wreck, Furball
What role does a pet play in your family in general?
  • Child
Describe the character, personality, athleticism, and physical traits of your pet…
  • Sadie can be very playful if she wants to be… other times she is observant.
  • Hershey has had 2 knee replacements (with her second one about a month ago)… she is the protector. Very strong.
  • Mia is my therapy dog… she is the one who will not leave your side if something is wrong. Very athletic!
  • Blizzard is your typical, mouthy Husky… very playful and strong.
Do you have a favorite story about you and your pet?
  • I like to think that Mia came to me for a reason. The guy I got her from gave me a number to call about her papers (not that I cared about the papers), but I called to ask about shots and such. I was told that I was the 7th home she was put into, so I knew right then that she wasn’t leaving me.
  • The trip to get Blizzard was such a nightmare… then came to find that she has a hole in her heart. Where most people would have probably put her down, I was not letting that happen. She is quite the handful, but so much love to give.
What funny things can you share with us about your pet?
  • Mia makes funny faces…. not intentionally, but the way her lips sometimes fall, it looks like Elvis.
  • Blizzard likes to talk and sing if you don’t pay attention to her.
Where do you and your pet love to go and do?
  • I have a fenced in yard, so typically just outback…. taking 4 dogs places is a lot.

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Does your pet have a favorite toy?
  • There are so many toys are my house that’s hard to say.
Does your pet have a favorite game?
  • Mia likes to fetch
  • Blizzard likes to chase Mia… ha ha
Does your pet have a favorite treat?
  • Pig Ears
Does your pet have a favorite food?
  • Sadie loves yogurt
  • Blizzard loves cucumbers
  • All love pizza crust
Have you brought your pet into Wagsburgh? Tell us about it.
  • Blizzard was there for the opening… she had a good time, and Joe got a picture of her “paying”
If so, does your pet enjoy any specific product Wagsburgh carries?
  • Blizzard loves the green beans and banana chips
Any tips for growing happy with a pet for others?
  • Pets give unconditional love no matter what… love them and treat them right, and they will reward you.


If you’re interested in sharing a story about your furry friend, get in touch!